So much we've done...so little time to tell about it all

Welcome myself back to the life of blogging....geez.... it's been since Jan. That's pretty sad. I'm going to try to sum it up a bit. We moved back to our cute little 2 story house in Calhoun County back in March. Oh, the joys of living in the middle of no where. I found out I was pregnant about a month before we moved. The boys were excited to move back because Grandma would live down the road from us. As to where we had to drive 3 hours to see anyone. We enjoyed living down toward Jackson,MS but it just wasn't for us. We are small town people, although I love the life of a big city... well to us Jackson was big. Haha! I was completely sick during the move. No one was available to help. We had to throw things in boxes...well Zeke did. At the same time he had to watch the boys and work night shift. Poor him i know that was hard on him but he survived. After the move back...i continued to be sick until 23 weeks. I found out around 21 weeks that we are having a GIRL! Oh Boy, a girl that was my thought. I was scared to death of hearing the words "It's a girl" What? ME? Having a girl? It has still been such an odd idea to accept. Ethan went back to K4 at Bruce when we moved back. He really needed to be in school and around other children. He did so well for the 2 months that he was there. He is SUPER excited to have a sister. He came home from school and told us "her" name is Katie. We didn't think much of it....we let him call her whatever. So then when it was time to start thinking of names. He insisted that her name is Katie. So....Katie it is! Her middle name will be Ann. After Zeke's Mamaw Ann. We didn't do a whole lot of nothing during the summer. It was a hard summer for us. Zeke lived in Yazoo City with a guy that he worked with. He came home almost every week for only 2 days. I wanted to scream more days than others. Actually I probably did scream. We then decided enough was enough. Everyone was getting sad with the situation so he decided to quit. Yes, i know your probably thinking he quit a federal job to come back to Bruce. Yep he did! He has now been home for 3 weeks and we are loving it. Although it seems as if he interrupted our schedule the 1st week or so but now we are all use to it and all on the same schedule. He is working with his uncle building houses. Not the best thing but it's work for now. We are waiting on a couple of different jobs to open up with the Oxford PD and other PD's around the area. I never wanted to marry a police officer but now look at us. It's crazy the things you say you'll never do and end up doing. He is also trying to decide if he wants to attend law school or go back to get his master's in some sort of education.

Ethan started kindergarten Aug 5th. He hated it the first 3 days and would scream, cry and hold on to the door jam so that he would not have to go in. Now he gets out of the car and walks in by himself. We are so proud of him! He is writing his name much better, he is already learning so much. He is picking up on the other kids words and attitude, yay for me. I know that's a challenge of a child attending public schools while trying to raise them in a good LDS home. Ethan is so big....when i say that he really is. It seems as if he begin to get BIGger after Feb or so. He is in the 95% for his weight and 53% of height. Poor kid....He played T-ball after we moved back but that still didn't help much. He says he wants to play football and everyone is telling us that he is built to play football. Hopefully the next week or so the temps here in MS will cool down. It's been horrible! HOT HOT HOT!!! This Thurs it's suppose to be 89. We are all excited about that. I am so ready for more play time outside. My boys hate the heat and I am miserable pregnant.
Eli is getting much taller for his age. He is so dang cute. He keeps us all entertained. He really enjoys being home with me. Poor him his world is about to change (in 5 weeks). When Ethan gets out of school they both fight with each other. I'm sure they miss each other during the day...maybe. I am going to try and post a few more times before I have baby Katie. I have 5 weeks left but the Dr told me yesterday that he might take me in 2 weeks b/c I am having contractions everyday. Since my body can't actually push a baby out or wont contract then there is no point to keep this up. We'll see what happens Sept 9th. I'm going to post a few pictures from the boys birthday party and whatever else i can find on Kim's computer. Enjoy!
Kim (grandma) made the baseball cupcakes for the T-ball game. It was the day of Ethan's 5th birthday. She also made the tractor cake for their party. The pic of Ethan, Brooklyn(their cousin) and Tatum(a friend)was taken during a T-ball game. The other picture of Ethan is at school during their snack time. We made blue cupcakes for that day.


Jason Aldean

My boys are obsessed with him, he sings Big Green Tractor
They can sing just about the whole song. When I try to record them they get shy and will not sing. We bought them his CD as a New Year's gift.

Playin around in 2010

These are some goofy boys. They both are so funny more than most of the time. Eli is 2 1/2 and he is really becoming such a character.
He realized yesterday that he had to pee pee so hopefully after the rain today and tomorrow, we might can begin potty training.
Ethan is askin me through out the day no matter what I do good or bad " Mom you didn't make a good choice" you know where he gets that from? ME! I ask him often "Was that a good choice, Ethan?" Esp when he hits or pushes Eli, says a bad word that he gets off of the movies,gets juice w/o asking.
He is becoming more like me these days. So watch out!


Our Christmas

Not to much to say. We had a lovely warm Christmas. We were busy going to each of our families home which of coarse we had to drive there. Ugh! We love being with them but next yr it will be nice to stay home. Here are a few of the pic.........
This is my brother (the one not married) Eli is try'in to pick Caroline up. Below is Ethan on bottom, Lucas and Eli on top of him. Caroline just wants to open presents. The boys love to wrestle with each other.
The boys also got fuzzy PJ's from Nana and awesome toys from their Uncle Mark and Matt and Aunt Jennifer. Yay for aunt's and uncles!!

Santa brought the boys a batman and joker track.
Eli got this Little people farm which he loves. Thanks to his Grandma.

All Ethan ask for Christmas was a batman car from Santa, well he got one but from Grandma.
He also asked for a Bumblebee transformer. When he saw that Santa brought him that he didnt even move, it's like he was in shock. I am thankful that's all he asked for b/c Santa was broke this year. I sure wished I had a pic of it, I used the video camera to record them that mourning.


christmas pic

Thanks to Uncle Enoch and Aunt Erica for letting us use thier back drops. CUTENESS as Jordan would say.

Happy FALLing

This is our trip to Grandma's at Thanksgiving. Zeke raked the leaves so they could jump in them off the picnic table, those crazy kids.

random times with the family

Ethan and Brooklyn

The day of the move.

A visit back to Grandma's. We looove Uncle Jared's 4-wheeler

Eva,Jared,Eli,Brooklyn,Ethan and Rivers